altid® is offered in four unique flavors; Dragonfruit, Citrus Mint, Ice Mint and Wintergreen! We also offer altid® in 3 levels of nicotine strength:

  • Level 1 - Our lowest nicotine strength. Perfect for the occasional smoker or dipper or Vape low nicotine juices.
  • Level 2 - Medium nicotine strength. For those that smoke or dip on a regular basis as well as the Vaper that uses juices with a higher nicotine strength.
  • Level 3 - Out highest nicotine strength! Great for the smoker, dipper or Vaper who wants the maximum amount of nicotine!

All of our altid® flavors and strengths have the unique ability to allow you to control the release of nicotine! When you want an extra boost of nicotine or, want the nicotine to be released sooner, just press on the pouch with your tongue or lightly bite the pouch a few times and place back in your lip! Please read further for descriptions of our four unique flavors!

dragonfruit asst3altid® dragonfruit - our take on an exotic fruit popular in Asia! Watermelon, sweet red berries and a hint of Cotton Candy flavors mix to create a one-of-a-kind taste that is truely unique! We're confident that if you like sweet, fruity flavors, altid® dragonfruit will be your favorite!

citrus mint asst3altid® citrus mint has the taste of sunshine and briskness in every pouch! sweet flavors of oranges, limes and lemons are mixed with a hint of refreshing, brisk mint! We're certain that once you try a pouch of altid® citrus mint it will become a permanent part of your daily rotation!

ice mint asst3altid® Ice Mint has an extreme, icy cool mint flavor. We've taken the clean, crisp flavor of pure mint to the extreme and added bit of sweetness to create a mint flavor that's brisk and refreshing! We're confident that altid® ice mint will become your go-to flavor for any occasion!

wintergreen asst3With altid® wintergreen, we've taken the taste of traditional Wintergreen to a whole new level! The clean, refreshing taste is perfectly mixed with a light sweetness and slight tingle in the lip. This creates a unique, one of a kind flavor we're sure you'll enjoy!

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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.