ALTid facebook backgroundTwo of the most frequently asked questions we get here is "What, exactly, are ALTid nicotine pouches?" and "What makes ALTid so different?". Well, we are about to answer these questions today in our first blog article! ALTid is a tobaccoless, spitless oral nicotine product that is placed in the lip where the mucous membranes begin to absorb the nicotine in the pouch within approximately 10 seconds.

This is pretty similar to the way dip and Swedish Snus transfer nicotine but with 2 major differences: First, ALTid is a tobaccoless product so there is no need to carry around a spit bottle like you would with Smokeless tobacco products. Second, ALTid has a much faster release of nicotine, about 10 seconds after placing in your lip, and the speed of the release can be controlled by you!

We know what your thinking, "How can I control the speed in which the nicotine is released?" and here is where we explain what makes ALTid so different from any other product on the market! While explaining the entire process as to how this is possible, and unique to ALTid, would be a pretty long process, the answer is pretty simple! Simply bite lightly on the pouch 2 or 3 times and place the pouch back in your lip. This will make the nicotine release quicker giving the feeling of an added burst! You can do this to each pouch every 5 minutes for over an hour and you will get the same rapid release of nicotine and higher burst feeling! This is unique to our ALTid product and cannot be found in ANY OTHER product on the market! Now that you know what makes ALTid so uniquely different, let's explore the first question, what, exactly, is ALTid!

Like we lightly hit on in the beginning, ALTid is a tobaccoless, oral nicotine product that is used in the lip. It's is used in the same fashion that you would use Dip, or Smokeless Tobacco, and Swedish Snus. Instead of using tobacco to provide the nicotine though, we use nicotine extracted from tobacco and blend that into a base with food grade flavorings, a bit of sodium to regulate pH and a sweetner. We only use quality, food grade ingredients in our products and ALTid is made in Sweden to the highest standards of quality! Since our product is made in Sweden, and used orally, it is considered a food product and must meet the same standards of quality that the Swedish Food Agency requires meat, cheese and milk to meet!

If you haven't tried ALTid yet, we hope you give our product a try and judge for yourself how ALTid is a quality, uniquely different nicotine product! Just click on the link below and try a can or two!

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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.